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Whole-Plant CBD for Wellness

Custom formulas of 100% organic whole-plant CBD combined with flavorful, all-natural essential oils in a discreet and portable All-in-One Vape Pen. Now available for purchase online in all 50 states.

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Full Spectrum Cannabis Oils

Custom formulas of 100% organic high-potency cannabis oil with strain-specific terpenes in a discreet and portable All-in-One Vape Pen. Available now in licensed retailers in California.

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How We're Different

We've combined the ancient knowledge of plant medicine with the latest in cannabis science to create amazingly flavorful, high-quality and superior products that help you feel great and perform at your best. Experience the Silk Road difference today!

All-Natural Flavor

Our proprietary "AromaX" formulation process begins with the highest-grade cannabis and CBD oils and includes no artificial flavoring, coloring or synthetic terpenes. Just pure 100% uncut cannabis and CBD oils combined with the amazing flavor profiles of all-natural terpenes that will delight your taste buds! 

Highest Quality Ingredients

We produce 100% organic cannabis oils to create a superior experience with the finest ingredients on the planet! Only the good stuff; no PG/PEG, VG/VEG or other synthetic additives that are unhealthy for you. We think cannabis and CBD products should be on par with what you'd find in Whole Foods. 

Superior Performance

Our best-in-class vaporization technology provides full-flavor, maximum vapor volume and no burnt taste. No lighter, no prep and no mess! Our products are ready-to-go right out of the box and do not require re-charging. Enjoy the most discreet, convenient, and worry-free way to experience cannabis.

Silk Road Pen Reviews

A+ for sure!

Shopping for CBD products can be a headache. That’s what I liked about Silk Road, I didn’t have to guess about the quality of what I was buying.

Charlie F.
Very smooth vape

I couldn’t believe how smooth and convenient the process was. The site is beautifully-designed, has a lot of useful information, and the checkout process was super easy!

Lizz V.

I absolutely loved the taste of the Relief! The sweet citrusy taste of fresh tangerine and lemongrass was pure bliss.

Mike M.

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