The amount of therapeutic and health benefits are enough to keep potentially millions of consumers satisfied, yet the general population carries a huge misunderstanding about what exactly CBD is... and isn’t.

Even worse, the online shops where you can find CBD today usually contain dubious products and questionable reputations that alienate potential users.

We believe CBD needs to be rebranded in order to gain mainstream acceptance, and we’re here to do just that. We’re on a mission is to refine society’s understanding about CBD and its wonderful benefits by providing access to products that are safe, effective and of the highest quality.

Join us in building an unrelenting community that is passionate about living in a world where access to high-quality plant-based wellness is the norm, not the exception.


Passion Meets Purpose

My younger brother passed away suddenly from a drug overdose in April 2016 after a multi-year battle with painkiller addiction at the tender age of 26. Following this traumatic experience, I wanted to do something to affect positive change and alter the status quo. Silk Road was born out of my quest to do something about the addiction epidemic that is ravaging our nation, claiming the lives of almost 100 people every single day.

We’re on a quest to increase access to safe and effective plant-based health and wellness products like CBD with the hope that it will help to curtail the painkiller and opioid epidemic, while increasing the overall quality of life for millions of people across the country.

We believe that health and wellness should be a central component to everyone’s daily routine, and we want to play our role in helping people live healthier and happier lives.


Giving back to the community is extremely important to us.

In the memory of my younger brother, we plan on donating a portion of our profits to help aid the fight to end opioid addiction in the United States. The Silk Road Foundation will provide low-cost, and in some cases completely free, CBD products to addiction-related rehabilitation centers to do our part to end the painkiller epidemic once and for all. We believe that CBD is an “exit drug” and could play a significant role in helping people cut back on their use of various pain pills.

Silk Road products allow customers to experience the many therapeutic and health benefits of cannabis without the high. Our hemp-based CBD is fully-legal and available to ship throughout the entire United States.

We hope you try our products today!


David Kram

Founder, Silk Road